Our Story

While reminiscing about his childhood sea monkeys, our co-founder David Hynes realized the big impact of the small magnifying lenses on the tiny aquarium. It allowed him to appreciate those minuscule sea monkeys (which we knew were just brine shrimp) in a new way. David applied his fond sea monkey memories to his love of bud. And thus the StashCube was invented! 

His mother, Anne, loved an early prototype, and the mother/son team launched the business together!

On March 2, 2019, David’s beautiful life was cut short by a drunk driver in New Orleans. HoverStash now is a tribute to David’s zest for life, love of bud, and appreciation for the little things. We strive to honor him, his passion, and his legacy.



Doing our part 

Echoing David’s recipe for life, we too want to spread love and sprinkle joy.

So each year we are donating  up to 10% of our earnings to a nonprofit dedicated to improving the environment. As citizens of the planet, we are compelled to participate in protecting the world in which we live.