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How to Store Collectibles in a HoverStash Stash Box

Mar 31, 2023

Ben Jennette

Whether you're a seasoned collector or just starting out, storing your prized possessions is essential to preserving their value and longevity. That's where a high end stash box from HoverStash can come in handy, providing a secure and discreet storage solution for a wide range of collectibles. In this post, we'll explore some tips and tricks for storing various types of collectibles in a HoverStash stash box.

Coins and Currency Coins and currency are among the most common types of collectibles, and they require special care to prevent damage and preserve their value. When storing coins or bills in a HoverStash stash box, make sure they're clean and dry, and avoid touching them with bare hands to prevent oil and dirt transfer. You can use coin holders or plastic sleeves to protect individual coins, and organize your collection by type or date.

Sports Memorabilia Sports memorabilia, such as trading cards, autographed balls or jerseys, and other collectibles require specific care to maintain their condition and value. To store these items in a HoverStash stash box, make sure they're clean and free of any dirt or debris, and use plastic sleeves or holders to protect them from moisture or humidity. If you have larger items, such as jerseys or helmets, consider folding or disassembling them to fit in the stash box, and use tissue paper or bubble wrap to prevent damage.

Figurines and Collectible Toys If you collect figurines or other types of collectible toys, you'll want to take extra care to prevent any scratches or damage to their delicate surfaces. Before storing them in a HoverStash stash box, dust them off with a soft cloth or brush, and wrap them in tissue paper or bubble wrap for added protection. You can also use dividers or trays to keep them organized and prevent them from shifting during transportation.

Storing collectibles in a HoverStash stash box can provide a secure and discreet solution for preserving your valuable possessions. By following these tips and tricks, you can ensure that your coins, sports memorabilia, and figurines are stored safely and protected from damage.