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Recent boom in dispensaries

The rapid growth of dispensaries across the US has been fueled by increasing legalization of cannabis for both medical and recreational use, creating new opportunities...
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HoverStash Partnered with Leafly!

Leafly is a popular online resource for cannabis enthusiasts, providing a wealth of information about different strains, products, dispensaries, and more. Here's a closer look...
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Guide to Storing Different Types of Cannabis Products in a HoverStash

Properly storing your cannabis products in a HoverStash stash box is essential for preserving their quality and potency, with specific guidelines for flower, concentrates, edibles,...
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Why Do Dispensaries Need A High Quality Stashbox?

Stash boxes provide dispensaries with a discreet, eye-popping, and efficient way to store and organize their cannabis products.
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How to Store Collectibles in a HoverStash Stash Box

From rare comic books and action figures to vintage vinyl records and sports memorabilia, collectibles come in all shapes and sizes - and a HoverStash...
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Benefits of crystals in a HoverStash

Storing your crystals in a HoverStash stash box can provide protection, energy maintenance, and privacy for your crystals, as long as you follow some important...
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