It's time to showcase your bud.


A high-end, gravity-defying display case for showing off your beautiful stash.

The StashCube rotates as it hovers above a sleek base, allowing you to appreciate your premium cannabis from every delicious angle.

HoverStash includes: One StashCube (3 inch clear acrylic cube, 4X magnification lens on 3 sides), Magnetic disc, Sleek base with LED lightsPower cord

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Every HoverStash order includes one StashCube. Additional StashCubes may also be purchased separately to 

Three inch, clear acrylic cube with 4X magnification lenses on 3 sides made with FDA approved food grade non-toxic material to showcase and protect your beautiful stash!

The lid snaps 1/3 open so you can enjoy your bud's premium aroma and keeps your cannabis 98% airtight when closed

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StashRack is a next level pedestal, offering all the right angles!Display your best buds on deck while your heavy hitter is at the HoverStash plate. Cradles up to 3 StashCubes! --

StashCubes sold separately

Out in the open or safe on a shelf, showcase the diversity of your cannabis side-by-side with this unique holster for cubes and collectibles.Ascend to a higher tier of observation and organization: step up to the StashRack!

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Expand your brand with your company logo or brand on the HoverStash Base.

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  • Magnetic Field Technology

    The clear acrylic StashCube rotates and floats using a magnetic field, showing off your beautiful flower from all angles

  • LED Lights

    LEDs on the base illuminate the StashCube, lighting up your premium stash for all to admire

  • 4x Magnification

    Three magnifying lenses on StashCube enhance the beauty of your cannabis terpenes, revealing eye-catching details